Tonight, I am going to orientation for my new job. I am going to be a job coach for high school students. I will be going to different locations with them to provide feedback as they work. I am in charge of making sure that they fill out their timesheets correctly, stay on task at work, and do their best. I am very excited about the job. It sounds like I will be in a variety of different places. So far, I am scheduled to be at a horse farm, a museum, a pharmacy, and a vineyard. One thing I have been thinking about is the variety of climate control that I will encounter while I am working there. I am certain that at some locations, the horse farm, for example, I am unlikely to have any sort of air conditioning or heating. At other locations, like perhaps the museum, I am certain that they will have excellent HVAC systems, and the only question will be whether or not the thermostat is set at a decent temperature. I have been to some museums where I could see my breath because the air conditioning was so cold, and I have been at others where the heat was stifling. It is hard to know what to expect. I am definitely spoiled, and I love to have good climate control, so I am not excited about having to do without my beloved air conditioning and heating. A job is a job, however, and I am certainly not going to count a job out or complain about it just because the climate control (or lack thereof) is not to my personal taste! After all, I am getting paid.

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