Old ductwork falling apart

My husband and I recently inherited a home. The home is located several hours from our own house, so it has been difficult to fix up. My husband and I are planning to rent out the home, in order to supplement our own income. In order for the house to be rented, there are many Renovations that will need to be done first. One of the biggest problems is with the old ductwork. Most of the internal ductwork is falling apart, or riddled with massive holes. The entire system of ductwork, will need to be repaired or replaced. My husband and I have spoken to several different HVAC contractors, and the estimates have varied. Since the house is located so far from our own hometown, we are going to use an HVAC contractor to get the work done. My husband and I thought about fixing the ductwork on our own, but we cannot get away from our jobs for several days at a time. The HVAC contractor guaranteed all of the ductwork, and they can get started immediately. Once the HVAC system is working well once again, my husband and I can start on some of the Cosmetic changes inside of the house. We are going to need to paint all of the walls, and add new flooring to all of the bedrooms. I think that we will be able to rent the house for about $1,000 every month, which is a huge chunk of change for both of us. Thankfully, the first month’s rent will easily cover all of the HVAC upgrades that need to be made.

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