Oil heater is smoking

I am from a cold climate and old house. Most of the time, my living situation is not affected by my severe living conditions. The only thing that would be is my laundry ideas. I live about 20 miles from town, plus I don’t have a dryer and washer either. Often times, I make the trip into neighborhood to do laundry, but what I usually do is I just wash our clothes by hand at home. I use oil gas heating systems to heat our whole property, plus they consistently do its job super well. On top of heating the complete home, I use the oil gas heating systems to dry our clothes inside when it is super cold outside. One afternoon, I had just completed setting up the laundry over our heater, when it hastily began pushing out gross and smelly smoke. All in a panic, I cleaned up the heating system plus called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company to care for the problem. He told myself that by putting the clothes over our oil heaters vents, I was introducing a lot of liquid into the air around our oil heater. The moisture had gone into our heater’s thermal fuse, which is what will work when the heating system turns off. With the thermal fuse rusted, our heating system overheated plus began to melt the oil inside. The melted oil caused all the smelly smoke in our home. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist also told me I should be happy that I was able to catch the smoke when I did.

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