Odor with furniture

Multiple years ago, my wonderful partner decided to buy me a new love seat for our birthday. I had easily been looking inside of the store window for numerous weeks, in addition to dreamed about this wonderful sofa. It was entirely light tan, with a set of recliners on the end of the sofa. It seems that most of the days we would hang out at the mall, I would easily drag my husband to the store in addition to inquire about this sofa. Eventually, my husband found my hand in addition to bought the sofa for me. I was extremely happy to rest on the sofa in addition to lean back and relax. Within the first 10 minutes, my eyes easily started to water in addition to I had a headache. 15 minutes later, I could barely stand to breathe. John hastily turned the A/C system on in addition to the media air cleaner. The sofa had been treated with some sort of chemical in addition to the fact that it had affected my asthma. John contacted a nurse, in addition to then contacted the furniture place. After explaining the entire situation, the furniture place decided to provide us with a different sofa. The man from the store easily showed up the next afternoon. We had the heating and addition to A/C system running on full blast in addition to had the media air cleaner working overtime. When the manager from the furniture store walked into our home, John asked him to sit on the sofa. The people I was with in addition to myself watch him squirm, as he could clearly tell something was wrong with the sofa.  

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