Not using the air conditioner in the house

During those times I begin to recognize of our teen years, I realize how much times have changed, yet nothing has in reality changed.  The kids today aren’t as innocent as I was, however then maybe I was a single of the few that were naive.  I grew during the 1960s, bombarded with Flower Power, Make Love Not War, plus Give Peace A Chance placards..  I wore the sizable bell bottoms, plus flowers in my hairbands, plus a peace sign stitched into my jeans. I just never had the desire to follow a crowd plus I did our own thing.  I am still independent, plus so are our grandchildren.  My youngest granddaughter has decided to create a movement of her own.  She is entirely trying to ban a/c use at certain times of the day.  She told her mother that the family is too wasteful.  In actuality, her plan is nothing more than the energy saving tricks we all use, however she thinks she is the first to think of it because she is being made aware of energy conservation in her science class at school.  At just 8 years old, she can be quite forceful.  She has hung up notices around the house, plus composed a system for the family, plus a schedule.  Whether or not they will do what she wants them to or not, I don’t know, however they are trying.  She visited her grandpa and I the other week, and said I was doing a unbelievable task.  I didn’t have a clue why although I thanked her.  There was  a Heating plus Air Conditioning truck in our street because we were getting our AC serviced before summertime began.  She was so proud of us for trying to be energy conscious, that she made us green ribbons to hang around our trees.

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