Not having air ducts

Working to be a sales representative in the Northwest, I do experience my fair share of terrible weather. I recently bought a home and have started the process of remodeling. One of the most major items that needs to be trashed is the hideous carpeting which has been installed since the 1970’s. While pulling up the carpet, we found that the former owners had covered up the hardwood flooring and tiles inside rooms. I can only assume that the purpose of trying to cover such beautiful wood and tile was with the heat loss from the surface. Winters around the Northwest is usually brutal and cold floors are uncomfortable for your feet and bring a bad chill on the whole house. I have been looking around and it was eventually suggested that I seek out some heated floors. Not only would it not cause my feet to experience the shock of cold tile while I walk on it, it would also heat my property. Heated floors, most of the time, eliminate your need for ductwork and reduce the amount of dirt and dust that gets blown through the duct work. Since the heat is targeted in the flooring, it doesn’t rise up and dissipate. It stays inside the flooring material. While the initial cost may possibly be greater than just updating your present HVAC system, the benefits of keeping the place heated during the winter months would be worth it. As summers are not really that “hot, ” air conditioning is absolutely not as necessary as heat is during the winter. Heated floors in the wintertime are the practical choice for any long, cold winters and stopping frosty toes.

heated floors