Nobody likes being cold

It seems as if every morning when I waken, the temperature is very chilled. No matter what I set my thermostat to before I go to bed, the morning is inevitably chilly. Before, I used to reckon that this was just a product of the weather. When it started it was winter, and it was natural for temperatures to drop throughout the night so that the morning would be cold. I didn’t think much from it then and just gradually turned up the temperature on the thermostat and heater daily. Eventually, the heater would work properly and my house would be a comfortable temperature by mid-day. And then, in the morning when I woke up, the temperature in the house would be cold again. It wasn’t before the month of May when I begun to suspect that something was up with my HVAC system. When the first heat wave toward the conclusion of May, when even the temperature over the night was very warm, the morning temperature inside my house would still be cold. Even moving through the the summer months, when temperatures outside got progressively higher and higher, the same thing would happen every morning. I decided to call the local HVAC provider just to ensure that I was not insane. I was glad that I did, because during the night, the air conditioning would start while I was asleep resulting from an error with the thermostat. I’m glad to recognise that I am not crazy, and I will be glad to wake up to a warm, heated house for the very first time in a long time!furnace