No powers and no pilot light

I just had the most miserable shift ever at work. I was too happy when 11pm came and the night shift arrived and I was free to go home. After spending ten minutes scraping the collection of snow and ice from my car, of course we got our first winter storm on the crummiest of all days, I spent my 45 minute commute home basking in the heat. I cranked up my car’s heating system to help thaw out what I couldn’t scrape off, and let my back melt into the heated seats. Best investment ever. The good news was I was heading into my weekend so I can take a long hot shower and not rush to bed. All the lights were off when I pulled in, not a good sign. The ice and snow apparently knocked out the power to my street. Of course this happened to me! As I was preparing the candles and lighting the wood stove, I cursed my decision not to with a gas stove when I had the choice, thinking the wood stove was so quaint. The good news was after only an hour power was restored, and after two hours when the heat had yet to make an appearance I was concerned. Usually there is a sound of running liquid and a creaking that tells me the furnace and radiators are functioning, but that sound was mysteriously absent. Not wanting to spend my day off on the phone with an HVAC team, I was crossing my fingers the pilot light was knocked out during the storm, and thank goodness it was! There was little fight left, I wasn’t up for a cold night!

heat and AC