No power and no ac


          A tropical storm is among the worse experiences of anyone’s existence. One passed through my area a few days ago and it was terrible, not to mention all that mess it made, and how it reeked havoc on countless persons’ lives. For several days, electricity, cable and telephone lines were down. Those who had not heeded the advice to stash food and water, were in big trouble. There was no water for drinking, bathing or anything more. Total disaster!

          With no power too, no a/c or heating was available. Folks who were used to having HVAC units blowing great air always, had other more urgent issues like basic food supply, to manage. There was a danger aspect to that particular situation too, because opening your windows when everywhere was in darkness, just to enjoy a breeze, can be a huge temptation for burglars and other criminals. Everybody was wishing and  hoping for the return of electric power. It isn’t easy to bear boredom, hunger, bad food and poor air quality for an extended period of time. Additionally, several roadways were blocked by debris and fallen trees.

           Imagine the excitement when the power finally came back, and life could return to normal. We had TV and Internet, the phones were working again and there was good  food around. Regrettably though, many heating and cooling systems had been severely affected by the hurricane and needed repairs. At least we could open our windows to let in air without fear of burglars, as we waited for that HVAC techs.

         There were lights on the streets again.

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