No heating for game night

Probably my favorite pastime was playing board games. I loved hanging with my buddies, especially in the following digital age. It seems like all everyone likes to do is just hide their faces in the phone! So, me and a number my friends decided to set up a game night weekly. Every week we played some kind of board game, and it was a lot of fun! Last week we had a bit of an HVAC system issue, which was quite annoying actually. It has been some sort of terribly cold winter, so my furnace became my best buddy. The night of our board game night was the coldest a our town had ever experienced! It also was the night my furnace crapped out. My friend noticed the HVAC system situation immediately. He noticed that there was no more air coming out of the heater by this head. The room soon got very cold! The furnace wasn’t producing any heat! We had to give up playing and relocate to this friend’s apartment. Luckily, his heating system system was working just fine. He even let me sleep on his couch that night. There seemed to be no way I could go home to a broken furnace in that weather. I would have frozen to death! The next morning I called an HVAC technician to come check things out. He came quickly to figure out the HVAC system problem. He was an exceedingly professional individual, and my furnace was soon back in working order.