No heater for our storm

I recently went through a difficult snow storm in my city. It left my whole area without power for multiple days. No one was prepared for the storm to be that bad. In my town, the two of us have challenging winters. Everyone figured it was going to be a typical snow storm, but this one turned out to be much worse. When the power failed, so did my HVAC system. This meant that I no longer had a functioning heating system. It left my house way too cold. I rushed around, in the dark, looking for heavy blankets. I found a plentiful supply of blankets. I put on a couple layers of sweaters. Then I remembered that I had a battery powered space heater that I could operate. I had stuffed the space heater in an unused closet in my laundry room. I dug it out and  found some batteries for it. Turning on the space heater was simple.   It seemed to be running just fine.  I set it next to my feet and really enjoyed the heat. I was so relieved that I had remembered the space heater.  Sure, it was not as nice as my whole-home Heating system, but it was keeping sufficiently warm. Eventually, my feet actually became too warm.  I moved the space heater to the kitchen table. Then I pointed the space heater toward my face. This felt fantastic. I did not realize how chilly I had become. I hoped the power would be restored  soon. I was not sure how long the battery would last in the space heater.

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