No electric means no heat

Every Summer my father takes the whole family camping. Our family has a lodge in the middle of the woods that we stay in for a week each year. The whole family sleeps in bunk beds, sits by the fire in the evenings, and  hike around the woods and climb rocks. It is not all enjoyable and a boring week of the Summer. I honestly dislike the lodge the most. The beds are narrow, hard & sort of smelly. There is no electricity installed in the lodge. So that translates into no lights, running water for showers and toilets, and  also no Heating & Air Conditioning. You would assume that during the Summer I would want A/C in the lodge. Not necessarily.  The lodge is entirely shaded by surrounding trees. All of the natural sunlight is blocked by branches and leaves. Also I guess the air is less humid and hot since the lodge is near a large lake. The lodge gets really cold in the evenings  and I typically want a heating system. There is no sun, lights or heating system to keep us warm. The lodge is not small, and is situated in  close proximity to the water, which makes it feel even colder. I know that my father will never hook up a generator for space heaters. My father wants us to rely on nature for the week. Apparently having a heating unit to combat weather conditions is not permitted. So for a week every year in the Summer, I shiver and dress in sweaters. I have researched online and there are heating system systems that are actually battery operated. They are rather compact, however,  and I doubt they would be powerful enough to keep the lodge nice and warm. heating service