No air ducts with HVAC

I guess we are just too picky to buy a house that’s been around forever and has had previous owners and numerous tenants. After spending over a year in search of the perfect house, we thought to build our dream house as a substitute. The only real argument we had during construction was choosing the HVAC system. My husband wanted a normal furnace, air conditioning unit and unappealing thermostat but I didn’t. I wanted something more efficient and that would keep our heating and cooling bills cheap over the years. I knew we were constructing a massive house so I’d already spoken to a HVAC technician about the options we had available. He told me about the main advantages of a ductless HVAC system and I felt myself getting interested in it immediately. A ductless HVAC system will allow us to heat or cool different rooms or sections of our house according to who has been in that room. If interior was empty, we didn’t need to do anything except leave it on a comfortable temperature or keep the system off entirely. The rooms that any of us were in could be heated up or cooled individually. I told my hubby that I wanted to use a ductless HVAC system and he just laughed at me. He said the price wasn’t low enough for him. Because I know he delights in gadgets, I showed him the ductless HVAC control unit that could go in the specific suites and areas. That is when he started paying attention to me. When I finally got him to admit that the ductless HVAC system was the best option for us, I called a local HVAC technician to arrange a schedule so we’re able to get a proper installation date. Our contractor was elated that we finally came to a decision about the HVAC system.