No air conditioning at concerts

The most beneficial kind of concerts to go to are the ones that have a number of different bands. Most of the time, they are new bands and you’re allowed see them before they get to be huge names. I have had the means to see nearly 150 bands perform in my lifetime. I have always enjoyed visiting concerts, because my aunt took me since I was ten years old. I didn’t mind the weather very much when I has been younger, but now it is usually awful. Most of the free concerts happen over the summer. No one wants to remain outdoors in the heat and sticky humidity, even to see their favorite band perform. Still, it gets pretty packed with good ole’ fans. Last summer was actually bad. There was a three day concert event and I scored tickets for all three days. The event was held in May and it was hot outside. The thermostat said 86 degrees, but it felt as it was near 100 degrees. A handful of the vendors had set up canopies and seating areas for all the fans. A few vendors had even set up misters for any patrons. This was nothing compared to cold A/C. A summertime concert is madness without A/C. As soon as the last band gets over the stage, I start thinking for the cold A/C that I will be enjoying in my car. My new car has a remote start, so I might get the A/C running before we get the car. I wish there was a big air conditioned tent where we could watch these great bands perform.