New pet, new air filter

My kids wanted a dog for the longest time. My husband and I did our best to put off their request, but they kept asking. After a while, it just seemed like the right thing to do. My husband and I started looking at all of the shelters and pet rescues, in hopes of finding the perfect pet for our family. When we finally found a small pitbull puppy, we fell in love at the first sight. We brought the puppy home, and our kids were so surprised. A few days after our little Angus came home, I started to feel cold symptoms. I really thought that I was coming down with the flu, until the allergy symptoms started to get terrible. Every Time that Angus was in the room, I was coughing and sneezing relentlessly. The doctor told me that I was experiencing allergies from our dogs. He suggested that I switch air filters. I didn’t realize that the air filters would help so much, until I changed to a new hypoallergenic air filter. The new air filter gets rid of all of the excess pet dander and pet hair. I have been feeling much better, since we put the new air filters in our HVAC system. There is a lot less hair on the counters and furniture, and the dust has also been reduced. I’m happy that my doctor suggested the new air filters, because none of us wanted to get rid of Angus. The kids adore him, and he is quickly becoming the most favorite part of our family.

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