New heater set up

My spouse and I made an appointment with our local Heating and A/C contractor, to have a new furnace installed last week. Our existing furnace was getting old, and the two of us were in desperate need of a more efficient gas furnace. We decided on the make and model of furnace that perfectly suited us, and we called around to find the best local HVAC supplier. We managed to find a reputable supplier online, and had them come to the house to provide an estimate. They were extremely helpful and offered a lot of knowledge about the different options of furnaces that are available. The afternoon before our new furnace was scheduled to be installed, the HVAC contractor called to confirm our appointment for early in the afternoon. I told the HVAC contractor that my husband and I would be at the house waiting for our new furnace. When it was about thirty minutes past the appointment time, I called the HVAC company. They apologized for the delay and promised us that the technician was on the way.  After another fifteen minutes, I called the HVAC company again. I explained that the technician was still not here for our scheduled appointment. When the HVAC technician finally arrived with our new furnace and all the components, it was nearly dinner time. I was downright  angry but I tried not to yell.  I couldn’t completely hold my silence. I was furious and I took it out on the HVAC technician.  He explained that he was coming from a different store to help out his counterpart. The other HVAC installer had been in a fender bender and ruined the service van.  He was detained for the rest of the afternoon. The company offered us a complimentary service appointment and a new smart thermostat.

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