New geothermal heat pump

A few weeks prior, my wife and I were working on a few additions to the house. We had lived there for about ten years already, and it was time to start making a few upgrades. We were in the process of remodeling the living room and dining area. The plan was to make that large room, into two separate spaces.The entire renovation would require several different contractors including a plumber, carpenter, and an HVAC technician. We had purchased a brand new geothermal heat pump, and we were going to have a separate zone created for the living area. We would be able to separately control the temperature in that room, by using the zone control thermostat. We could easily adjust the temperature independently from the other rooms in the house. I was excited about the new geothermal heat pump, because we were finally going to have something that would be energy efficient. Ever since we added a pool to the house, the electricity bills have nearly tripled. I hope the new geothermal heat pump and separate zone control thermostat, will help us to save money every month. I wish that someone would have warned me about the expenses of owning an in ground pool. I might have rethought the whole idea, and added a hot tub instead.  The remodeling is process is finally finished, so we should start to notice the differences soon. As long as the electric bill is lower, than I will be happy with the new HVAC system. The next project on our list, is to upgrade our master bathroom.

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