Needing both air conditioning and a furnace to be comfortable

Some people tend to have the argument of who likes to be warmer and who likes to be colder. I feel that I would much rather be warmer than colder. I think there are a lot of good ways to be able to cool off. I love swimming, eating ice scream, and air conditioning. Air conditioning might be my favorite thing in the whole world. There is no better feeling of being so hot and sweaty from the outside and then walking into the cool air. It is such a relieving feeling. Your body instantly feels better from the one moment it feels the air conditioning hit the skin. Some people would prefer to be colder than warmer. They believe that there are more ways to keep yourself warm than to be able to cool off. They also feel that the furnace is a great thing. The heat from the house feel just as good coming in from outside the cold. I will agree however, I think the air conditioning is much better feeling than the heat. I would rather want to have to keep cool than to have to keep warm. Being cold is not my thing so the heat is always on in the winter. The air conditioning feels good to me when I spend too much time in the sun too.  Whatever the weather or however you feel, make sure your HVAC system is prepared for the weather to come ahead. Get your HVAC system tuned up because you never know when you are going to want to cool down with the air conditioning or heat up with the help of the furnace.

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