Needed air conditioning for the event

My daughter recently attended a three day workshop on formal presentations. She is twelve years old, but seems much older, and I wish to give her all the tools to become strong and capable woman. She certainly doesn’t need any confidence, or help with arguing her own cases. The child was born to become a lawyer. But anyway, I thought this workshop would give her a bonus going into middle school. The workshop was in a large public theatre, and ended by giving a monologue to the crowd. It was a great workshop for her, except for the central cooling system, which only worked intermittently during the entire weekend. The instructors tried to make it into a lesson, telling the children that they would not always have air conditioning when they spoke, and they needed to speak with authority and conviction regardless of what the heating or cooling condition was. And I agree, it can be a good lesson, but boy was it scorching and sweaty work giving a speech standing on a stage under the hot lights without the AC to offset the temperatures. It got to be so hot in that theater that I started to think someone had turned the furnace on inadvertently. But that was not the case. Without air circulating through the HVAC system, heat just became trapped and could not escape. So basically with no air conditioner, the theater converted into a giant oven, roasting people alive. They really need to fix the AC before they have children in that , building again.

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