Need to get ac in southern home

    I actually spent my entire youth living in the northern part of the country. I enjoyed the chilly winters, because skiing and snowboarding, were a few my favorite sports. I love the way snow looks on the trees and shrubs, and I never imagined living somewhere else. A few months ago, my business opened an alternative branch, down south. I was chosen to head up the opening ceremonies, which meant moving south, for three months. Lucky for me, our business thought to rent a few houses, for the executives. I thought for certain, that we would all be in hotels. My rental is very nice, and even has an open-air pool. Our company must have spared no expense, because the accommodations are very lovely. The rental house contains a pool, and a great A/C system. I was very worried about the heat and humidity, although the A/C system has combatted the sun and humidity very well. I keep the A/C system set to 70 degrees, and it almost feels like home. I’ve never experienced this type of heat, and humidity before, and it is quite overwhelming. Just walking outside at dawn, can be a chore. The humidity hits you in the face like a oven, and yes, it makes me feel very tired and lethargic. It’s only a 15-minute drive to work, which is pretty nice. The A/C system in this particular new building, also works perfectly. I’ve had to wear a sweater throughout most of the day, despite the fact that it is 96 degrees outside. I’m content to have this opportunity with my job, so I’m making the best of the situation.

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