Need good HVAC at the beach

Not ever having lived near the coast I was never able to experience that lifestyle. What that means is that I never got to spend long days at the beach reading and breathing in the salt air. Now, I am able to walk a couple miles and reach the beach with a cooler in tow, sunglasses, and a wonderful book to read and it is a perfect afternoon. I never entirely had that lifestyle until I recently relocated for my work. The sun, the beach, and the slower pace of the south, –that is what I call living.  Well, there is one exception,  the humidity levels messing with me! Every time I return from spending any amount of time on the beach, I needed to shower to get the sweat and moisture off of me.  I love resting in the cool comfort from the HVAC system after a day in the sun. The cool air creates a type of atmosphere that is relaxing and comfortable. My mother always used to complain about the humidity when she came for a visit until she realized she can have the best of both worlds, the beach during the day and the cool comforting relief of the HVAC system when she gets home. She never comes to visit for longer periods of time and I hope that one day she considers moving here.  .Of course I also noticed that she always schedules and HVAC inspection when she comes She says that she wants to make sure that the system is running properly, however, I think she has a thing for the technician that shows up each time.  I’m not complaining because at least I know that my system is being taken care of and it keeps my mom happy too.