Need dehumidifier for work

The life of a college student can be difficult at times. There are many sleepless nights and deadlines that have to be met There is nothing worse than having to trying to complete them while you are extremely tired.  I hate when I find myself trying to stay awake while my eyes burn from overexposure to things like computer screens and poor climate control.  I feel like I have no other choices but to just deal with it most of the time. The air in my dorm room is very dry because the HVAC system works overtime.Of course, it doesn’t help that  I spend a lot of my time doing everything at the last minute. Because life is so hectic, it was very inconvenient when I had to call for service one day one our HVAC system. I had a paper due and had no time to wait around for a technician that wouldn’t be there a specific time. I knew it needed to be repaired because it was running non-stop and if it broke, I would have the opposite problem. It would start to fill the room with with heat and humidity which would make me even more miserable.  When I called the HVAC repairman that serviced out building he said that he would arrive sometime within the next three hours.  I wanted to scream.  I needed to hand in a paper that was due that day and had no time to wait around. I took a chance and headed to my classroom anyway.  Lucky for me, I made it back in just enough time to see the repairman pulling into the parking lot.

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