Need cooling for spin class

All of us decided to join a local fitness center. All of us had been proposing purchasing a gym membership for many months, though all of us did not become committed until a friend of ours talk to us. One of my friends mentioned that his fitness center was offering a great deal on the membership. He also mentioned that this particular Jim had Zumba classes also. All of us took advantage of the membership, which only cost $20 a month for both of us. All of us started working out 3 days each week, plus occasionally all of us will try to fit a fourth day in. Wednesdays and Sundays are our favorite days to go to the fitness center, because those are the days of our Zumba classes. The Zumba classes are held in a fitness workout room, plus it is equipped with a wonderful A/C system. The air inside of the room is always Chris plus cool, plus it is the perfect place to enjoy our classes. Yesterday was a complete nightmare, because all of us decided to go for our classes. The A/C system was out in our workout room, and it didn’t work the entire time that all of us were there. Everyone was complaining about the lack of A/C, plus our instructor almost cancelled the classes for the day. It was difficult to stay focused on getting fit, when the warm air around all of us made all of us feel stifled with heat plus humidity. Hopefully, the issues will be fixed by next class.

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