Need AC to study well

Not long ago I needed to study for an art form history exam that would count for a considerable portion of my grade. I wanted to study in my apartment but my roommates were simply too distracting. The one was watching a film while using volume at a ridiculous height, and the other was cleaning. She kept running the vacuum, and had taken apart the air conditioner to take out the dust from the several components. Between the noise and the issue of no air conditioning, I decided to stop working and head to the study. I knew I was in trouble right when I arrived. The place was overheated, there was a huge ladder set up part way through the floor, and certain areas were taped off owing to dripping water. I quickly understood that there was a problem with the air conditioning in the library. Since it was splendidly quiet, I hoped that I could just endure the discomfort and start being able to study. With sweat all down my face, it was near impossible to concentrate. At last I gathered up my things, and went to the local coffee shop. I was happy to learn that the air conditioner in the coffee shop was working great. It was perfectly cool, and I’d access to hot coffee in addition to a baked goods. Although I put on my headphones, it was difficult to prevent myself from the distraction of people coming and going plus the excellent food. I soon realized that the thermostat was set a little too low, and sitting under a great HVAC supply vent, I started to begin shivering.

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