My roommate raised the energy bill

Sometimes living with a roommate can be a really nice thing. It can be a nice thing because then you can reduce some of your bills in half. They pay half of the rent for example, and for another instance living with a roommate can be a challenging thing. For an example I have some trouble with our roommate constantly building up Energy bill each month. She always prefers to turn the air conditioner up super high. I always turn it back down but she never says anything to me. So every time I walk by the temperature control I make sure to check what temperature the temperature control is sitting. I do this to ensure that she did not turn the temperature control back up without letting me know. I understand that both of us split the energy bill although I would love to pay less dinero than both of us are now, our house is perfectly great at the temperature in which I placed it. She goes to the serious plus makes the house either really sizzling or really cold. It is not completely comfortable for me to stay in at those hot plus cold temperatures. I wish I could just set up the temperature control connected to our smartphone. Then I could check the temperature control whenever I want. Temperature control up or down while I am away. It would actually assist me to control the energy bills that both of us pay each month a lot more. One day she just may give up the game.

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