My roommate is always raising the thermostat

Occasionally having a roommate can be beneficial. It can be a good thing because then you can share the monthly invoices. They pay half of the rent for example. For another instance having a roommate can be an aggravating thing. For an example I have some trouble with our roommate never caring about the power bill. She always loves to turn the air conditioning up genuinely high. I always turn the thermostat back down however he never says anything to me. So every time I pass the control unit I make sure to take a peek at what temperature the control unit is set at. I do this to ensure that he did not set the thermostat to arctic freeze without telling me. I understand that both of us cut in half the energy bill however I would care about to pay less money than both of us currently have to, then our new home is perfectly fine at the temperature in which I set it at. She goes over the top plus makes the new home either genuinely warm or genuinely cold. It is not genuinely relaxing for me to stay in at those rapidly increasing temperatures. I wish I could have the control unit synced up to our smartPhone. Then I could check the control unit at all times. I could even check it when I am not in the apartment. Then I would guess for sure if he were turning the control unit up or down while I am at work or running errands. It would entirely help me to control the electricity and gas charges that both of us pay each month a lot more. One of these crazy old night he might give up the game.

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