My problems are getting worse

Roommates are going to be what kills me. If that doesn’t happen, I may turn prematurely grey haired! I am so over having to explain myself about Heating plus Air Conditioning usage, energy waste, along with heating plus cooling efficiency! I couldn’t live with many more unusual individuals. It’s as if someone was creating a reality show plus secretly put us all together. Half of the time, I nearly want to kill them all for their lack of awareness when it comes to others around them. I swear to you, one of them at any minute will decide they are cold plus just walk over to the thermostat and turn on the heat. They don’t even bother to see who is home or ask if anyone else is cold enough to use all that energy for one person. We really are heating an entire home for one person, when in reality it’s not even cold enough outside to have the oil furnace on to begin with! I was losing my entire mind at this waste. I knew I had to do something fast to save my personal sanity plus my savings account. I called out the local Heating plus Air Conditioning worker for a personal assessment. The property owner gave me the go ahead, as it is an investment for him over all. The Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman was really nice plus very understanding of our problem. She recommended that I install the Zone Control App to the thermostat. She said she could do the installation that afternoon and it would only take a little bit under an hour. With this app, one could turn on the Heating plus Air Conditioning for just their room plus set the temperature to their needs. This way, everybody in the house wouldn’t be wasting so much energy plus paying out more money on utility costs then we needed to.

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