My pool has a heater

I prefer swimming laps at our pool during the summer hours. The local neighborhood has an indoor facility which is air conditioned in the summer plus heated in the winter. They have a very powerful HVAC plan comma the location is absolutely in mint with a gloriously high roof. They keep the thermostat set to a comfortable position, so I often wonder why we have to deal with such cold water conditions. I think it would be very nice if the pool water was just a little warmer. I’m not exactly sure how heating a pool works but I recognize it must be like an HVAC plan. I’m sure that we have to have a heat Source like a radiator where hot water would flow through it plus it would have to be under the pool somehow. Part of the facility here has a heated pool, but it is only for the elderly. After I finish swimming laps at the pool, I am so warm that that the air conditioner feels absolutely great during the summer. I often wonder if they are turning down the thermostat after the pool closes. Considering that the pool is run by our neighborhood comma plus they are notorious for being terrible at spending money, they probably keep the A/C running the whole time. It would be a huge waste of time as well as money if they were running the HVAC system the whole time that the building was erected. Since the walls are concrete, they don’t hold the heat in very well.

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