My parent’s had a great HVAC system

I never realized how smart my parents were until I moved into my own house. They were hard working people who made sure we always had what we needed. Growing up, many things I thought were vital to make sure that my family and could sustain our livelihood and have a decent quality of life were really not necessary at all. Entertainment was by far my main focus as a kid. Boredom was my worst enemy and having the latest and greatest electronic game was my only focus. From my parents’, the fundamental necessity of having a roof over our heads was at the top of the list, as was food, water, and clothes. These were basic needs for most people but a working HVAC unit was also at the top of our list. All of us couldn’t imagine living without air conditioning as we lived in the south where temperatures can be brutal. There were a few times, when I was a teenager, when the A/C stopped working for one reason or another.  It was an older system and my parents had to pay for it to be fixed on more than one occasion. Those were terrible days and everyone was grumpy when it was so miserably hot. Needless to say, from then on, HVAC had taken a new position when I regarded things as being the most important factors for quality of life. They even outranked video games. As I have gotten older, my priorities are more in line with those of my parents.  I have come to appreciate the simple things. I still enjoy having the latest technology when I can afford it too.

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