My mobile home

Recently, we just bought a mobile home to utilize as a vacation outlet for the past month. We’ve been considering what we need to do for making it even better. The one thing it doesn’t have is a quality heating and cooling system. We don’t know anything on the subject of mobile homes or the technology that you could buy in the HVAC industry specifically for them. So we decided to give our local heating and cooling company a phone call for getting some information and some charge quotes. The very helpful HVAC specialist we spoke with said that the best form of air conditioning with a mobile home is ductless mini split air conditioning. Unlike your essential central air conditioning, these specific varieties don’t use any ducts. This sounded very convenient for us, so we decided to have the HVAC specialist come out and visit the mobile home to allow us to have some rough figures. Although he was out here, he gave an unusually nice price and also implied that we should install an air purifier to keep the indoor air quality within the mobile home nice and fresh. We will be definitely thinking about that. What made this offer even more sweet, was the fact that he offered an awesome service plan to go with it, which in the end would be saving us a small fortune. This comes with a tune-up every 6 months with as many as 4 repairs each year. We are really looking forward to having both the ductless mini split air conditioning as well as the air purifier inside of our mobile home!