My kids wrecked our thermostat

I thought it would be okay to leave my sons home alone for a few hours. My husband Bobby and I had not gotten a weekend alone in many years. So we made a plan to take a small trip for the upcoming weekend. The boys ages are 11 and 13. We assumed they could be left alone for a few days, as they are too young to throw parties. They also are old enough to not get hurt and take care of eachother. Well I did not  factor in that boys will be boys. During my romantic getaway with Bobby, I managed to get a call from my eldest boy. Apparently the two were arguing back and forth on how low they may set the cooling system at. They messed around with the thermostat, constantly lowering the heat control. Then they left the AC on for hours while they played hockey on the black top. When they came back inside the air conditioner was no longer on and they could not figure how to turn it back on. I figured out what happened soon after, they overheated and overworked the air conditioner. The air conditioner could not satisfy the demand of the thermostat. Also I bet the kids left the windows open, allowing warm air to make the house hotter. Hence the AC device had to cool and cool to an unrealistic setting. Bobby and I decided to come home early, we had to fix the HVAC unit. It ended up being being an expensive cooling repair. The boys are going to experience some hard work to help Bobby and I pay for that AC repair.