My kids are so nice

My kids visited the parade that was in town today. We already have nice weather this time of  year. This coming year has been quite different. It has been cold all day. I told the kids to dress in several different layers. I did not want them to be cold at all. I wanted them to enjoy the  parade while being comfortable. I made sure to have the heat on a little higher and a few warm beverages to drink. They were ready for some nice warming up. They certainly did need to warm up too. When they came into the house they were shivering it’s so cold. They had been outside for almost five hours. I guess they had not dressed warm enough for the occasion. I am a caring mom and had turned on the heat for them. They got back and fought over the the air vents. We have one air vent that is warmer than the others and they battled over it. I would say  after being in the heat in our home for twenty minutes, they had settled in nicely. They were able to operate again. I am not sure what we would do without heat. We contacted our HVAC company for what we will ever need. They are always very helpful to our family and always fix our system whenever we need it.

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