My HVAC unit needs service now

One night last March our son began having a seriously high fever. My man and I tried the over-the-counter meds, but we grew frantic as soon as his fever continued to climb and rushed him to the closest emergency room. It was an old hospital, constantly being remodeled along with enlarged. I was so concerned for my son whenever we arrived that I barely noticed the warm temperature in the building when we arrived. My hubby did not seem aware, either. The place had very few patients in the waiting living room and after taking my child’s vital signs, they sent us straight back to wait for the doctor. Directly watching my son, I noticed his face growing redder as we waited. I realized this room we were in was way too hot and humid. The doctor arrived and immediately apologized with the warm temperatures. Without windows to help you open, the humidity was taking over the pediatrics area completely. My partner and I freaked out. How is a son, who is already too hot, going to be okay in an emergency room without air conditioning? The doctor said he would find what was wrong with my son and this the HVAC repairman was on site doing a critical call of his own. The air conditioning equipment had just halted functioning shortly before we arrived on the scene, and the doctor assured us, the HVAC system would end up and working quickly. Real to his word, the doctor found the source of my son’s fever, he had a severe inner ear infection and will be totally fine after some antibiotics. Moreover, as we were waiting for the prescription, we felt the cool air float down through the vents inside the hospital room. The air conditioning was repaired, to boot.

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