My HVAC unit is still broken

Certainly one of my favorite ways to enjoy a Saturday is walking through art museums and galleries. I live in a town which has a great art culture, so there’s always something new to be witnessed. I try to make it out one or two times a month to go see what has been recently installed in our downtown area. Yesterday, I went out to attend some of my favorite art galleries, but I was very unsatisfied. The building that houses a number of the galleries was dealing with certain HVAC system issues plus it was entirely too hot inside the building. I couldn’t enjoy myself because there was clearly no air conditioner to keep me comfortable, so I decided to leave fairly quickly. By cutting my trip short, my entire day was completely thrown off. I had really been excited about strolling around and looking at new art. However, I just couldn’t enjoy myself without a good A/C in the place. I hope that they are able to get the cooling system fixed very soon because I want to go back next weekend. My guess is that once the HVAC mechanic makes it out to the building, it won’t take long for him to get everything situated. Saturdays are meant for art in my honest opinion, and I definitely want to stay in my regular routine in the future. If the HVAC system is still broken, I will be especially disappointed. I’m planning on bringing a number my friends out to go gallery hopping next weekend, so I’m really hoping my plans won’t be ruined.

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