My hubby broke the air conditioner

My husband is at it again. Ever since he took early retirement he has been bored out of his mind. This is now really starting to get on my nerves! He thought retirement would come to be a lot of rest and relaxation. What he didn’t consider was that after some time, he would grow very sick and tired of just resting and relaxing, and would want something to truly do with his time. He decided he would definitely become a handyman, but the big problem with that particular plan is that he isn’t a handy kind of person. He’s never been handy in his life! One time he got mad because he couldn’t figure out how to change the batteries within the thermostat, if that gives you any idea how clueless the poor guy is. So when he texted me at the office and told me that the air conditioner was broken but he would have it fixed, I immediately begun to worry. He couldn’t handle changing out a lightbulb earlier, but now he thinks he can repair an HVAC system? I wasn’t at all surprised when I came back to find the house was warm, my hubby was crazy, and the AC was completely turned off. He had no idea what he did, he just tried to work on the central HVAC equipment and definitely made things far worse. I arranged an appointment with a very nice HVAC repair company, and told them over the phone that my better half would try and help them fix the AC, and to humor him slightly.

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