My home comfort is fantastic

After a some many very enjoyable years of residing at home, my youngest child is finally just getting married and then moving out. He is the last of my 7 kids still residing at home for right now, plus it will take some getting used to having no kids in the house for the first time in almost 40 years. But I assume I’m ready for it! I won’t have any type of “empty nest” syndrome because I have a couple of cats to keep me busy. If anything, I am quite enthusiastic about staying alone for a while! I will have plenty of extra money for the first time in a while, plus I do assume I will sink some of it into getting myself an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system update for my house. It’s funny, because for the last few years my youngest child has been simply just begging me to get a very modern a/c unit. And I knew he was right, however who has money to buy a modern A/C unit when you have a teenage boy eating you out of your home? But with him gone finally, my budget is freed up for such luxury items like that and such as a modern heating plus cooling system, plus maybe even a modern TV if I want to. Because I am here alone I assume I may try out a single of the ductless mini-split A/C units that they have. They are small, compact, energy-efficient, plus they are very enjoyable for cooling down a single room at a time, which is all I truly need. And I don’t want to say I hid my A/C system, however when my youngest boy came by just to visit last year I kept him in the living room plus didn’t let him know my home office was as cool as a refrigerator there.