My heating system is great

My university had their spring break last week. I had been looking forward to it for weeks, so I was counting down the days. My friends and I all chipped in towards renting a beach house right beside the ocean. It was large enough for 10 of us to stay in comfortably. Not only was it across from the beach, but it had a inground pool and hot tub. On our first day there, we decided to camp out at the shore. This was my first time being in the sun since the previous summer. I made sure to apply my sunscreen every eighty minutes to avoid getting burnt. Around 3 in the afternoon, I laid down on my towel and took a nap. I must’ve been even more exhausted than I thought, because I didn’t wake up until 5 when everyone  else was packing up and leaving! The instant I opened my eyes, I knew that I’d made a giant mistake. My back was burnt to a crisp, and it was only the first day! I tried showering, but it was too painful. At dinner that night, we were sitting outside in the eighty degree weather and I actually was shivering! Oddly enough, all I wanted was some heat. I donned a sweatshirt and sweatpants and bundled up, but quickly become overheated. Then, all I wanted was some cool air conditioning to cool off my body.  My skin was so hot I swear it would’ve steamed if I jumped into the pool! That night, my body temperatures were all over the place. I don’t think any HVAC unit could’ve sufficed.

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