My heating system in the house

My fiance and I made an appointment with our regular HVAC corporation, to have a new hydronic boiler system installed last Friday. Our old boiler was no longer dependable, and both of us were in agreement that it was time to replace the current heating system. We decided on the appropriate make and model of boiler that suited us.  We did some research to find the best HVAC corporation. We determined a reputable company online, and hired them for an estimate. They were informative and quite knowledge about the most innovative and efficient boilers that are available. The morning before our new boiler was to be installed, the service manager called to confirm our appointment for twelve o’clock the next day. I told the HVAC manager that we would be waiting at home for the technician to handle our boiler installation. When it was about thirty minutes past twelve, I called the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation. They apologized for the delay.  They promised that the serviceman was only a couple minutes away.   After another thirty minutes, I called the HVAC company to complain. I explained that the technician still hadn’t shown up.   An HVAC serviceman finally arrived twenty minutes later to start installing our boiler.  It was nearly six o’clock by that point.  I was super irritated. I tried not to be mean to the guy, but I had to say something.  I was so upset.   He then explained that he was covering for another guy. The other technician had gotten in an accident and could not make it at all.  So he had come in on his day off, and he brought me a complimentary smart thermostat.

heating unit