My heat pump is not doing well

I made a mistake the other week, that will stay with me until I die, and probably even afterward. It wasn’t so much humiliating, however it will be a story that gets retold during family gatherings, for a long time to come.  My wife and I wanted to invest in a new HVAC system.  After a lot of research she said she wanted a heat pump.  I was against the idea when she told me the cost of the thing, and I told her that if that was she wanted, she could be in charge.  She researched the system, and eventually knew all that was humanly possible to know about heating and cooling procedures of a heat pump.  She had found someone local who was qualified to install heat pump, and he was government certified.  I just wanted the job done.  I didn’t want to spend money on such extravagance.  Last week, I opted to stay home with the baby while my wife went shopping.  I was standing in the window drinking my coffee, when I noticed some smoke coming from the vicinity of the new outdoor unit.   I hadn’t wanted the unit, but our old air conditioning unit had died on us, and I wasn’t ready to put even more money into this one.  I called the HVAC company and began to loudly voice my concerns, and then I called my wife, and told her she needed to come home.  Half an hour later, she arrived, and shortly after, the HVAC technician arrived.  She was all but busting with laughter when they came into the house.  Apparently the system has its very own defrost system, and it was recycling when I looked out. The smoke I had seen, was actually water vapor.  

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