My Grandson’s HVAC Crusade

Sometimes I look back on my teen years, I realize how much things have changed, in addition to yet everything has remained the same. The students of today aren’t as naive as I was, however then again maybe I was the only one who was quite unknowing about the world.  I grew up in the sixties, the time of young people taking a stand about everything.  I did not wear the sizable bell bottoms, the flowers in my hair, or a peace sign choker around my neck.  I simply never had the need to be a follower. I was independent. I did my own thing.  I am still quite independent, in addition to so are my grandchildren.  My oldest  granddaughter has come to the decision to make an environmental movement of her own.  She is particularly attempting to ban undefined use for particular hours of the afternoon.  She has informed her mother that she is too extravagant.  In actuality, her A/C ban is nothing more than energy saving tricks, however she thinks it is new to younger kids who are being made aware of energy wastefulness in their classes at school.  At quite a young age, she can be quite adamant.  She has hung up official notices around the family home, in addition to written a plan for her mom and dad, in addition to a schedule.  Whether or not her parents will listen to her, I can’t say for sure, however they are trying.  She came to my beach house over the weekend, in addition to kissed my cheek in addition to said I was doing a enjoyable task.  I didn’t comprehend why but I thanked her.  There was  a HVAC company vehicle in our yard because we were getting our A/C tested before the height of summer was once again upon us.  She was so proud of us for using less energy, that she made us purple ribbons to hang around our necks.

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