My downstairs office

My spouse and I spent much of our anniversary celebration within the covers. We rented a room within the local inn over the long weekend, and we were ready to make it a great time. We had planned everything down to the last detail, and it had been a few months since we had a lick of alone time. The children were with our parents, so we wouldn’t have to think about them throughout the entire end of the week. We made dinner reservations at one of our favorite bistros, and hired a horse and carriage to take us there from the resort. The weather was extremely frosty that weekend, and the heating unit in this particular room wasn’t working well. After a period of time of running the heating item, the indoor air temperature had still been reading 66 degrees. I called right down to the front desk, and requested a room change. They were completely booked solid, but offered to fix the heating situation for us individuals instead. A few minutes later an employee arrived to see the heating unit. They spelled out their strange and abnormal home heating unit, and we listened to every single word they said. They set the heating unit up for us, and then left again. A couple of hours later, the room was unusually too cold again. The office downstairs said they couldn’t help us, and told us someone would bring us extra blankets. We stayed in the room under the covers for a lot of the weekend, because it was so cold and chilly within the room. When we left for dinner the following night, we told the inn staff they will need to fix the heating unit before we returned.

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