My disease requires air conditioning

A couple of my four children suffer from an affliction centered around their immune system. My two youngest children are extremely fair complected with light brunette hair. We use to have problems taking them outdoors during the summer, because they would heat up so badly. No matter the amount of sunscreen we applied, they always was able to break out in welts together with blisters. After the problem started happening with greater regularity. We decided to take the youngsters to a specialist. Our children are afflicted by an ailment that causes breaks out in terrible rashes when they are subjected to heat above 84 degrees. We are constantly worried about the a/c system breaking down in the midst of the summer months. We even purchased a generator for our home. If the power goes out, we might still easily run our cooling system. Unfortunately for the small children, that also means a great number of problems with being outdoors during the summer. We do our best with activities they can enjoy that you can try indoors in the a/c, but they would like to be outside playing with only their friends. There are a few different remedies that help in keeping the body cooler, but most of them don’t really work well. I am about to try to get the kids serious about more winter sports, when they are likely to be outdoors more often. At home, we have the best HVAC system and also the best indoor air conditions potential. We maintain the system very well and don’t forget to change the A/C filters once every 4 weeks.

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