My current thinking

I made a mistake moving out of my mother’s house. Mom told me that I would be lost without her, but I never listened. Not only did she pay all of my expenses and do my laundry,  she also provided the perfect house for me to enjoy. I was just eager to grow up too fast and was too stubborn to accept her advice. So, now I am renting a cheap, cramped and outdated apartment in a crappy neighborhood.  It’s the middle of August and I have no air conditioning. I thought I had saved enough money to afford an apartment with central heating and cooling, but  I didn’t realize the cost of rent and utilities. I was so eager to move out on my own that I overlooked the fact that I was used to having a HVAC system in my home. My mom’s house  was perfectly heated or cooled on a monthly basis. I never worried about the summer heat or winter cold,  because she has a brand new HVAC system that kept me comfortable in any weather. The thermostat controls were located  in two places in the house, one being upstairs and one downstairs, which allowed us to adjust the floors to independent settings. I should never have moved out or tried to be independent.  I just ended up renting a place with no air conditioning and an ancient heating system.  I think I took my mother’s HVAC system for granted.  I didn’t think about how much I would miss it when I was out  on my own. Hopefully I can afford a small A/C unit to put in the window of my apartment.  Otherwise I will be right back at my mother’s house.