My college was great

Throughout my time in college, I lived in an apartment with my roommates. Considering we were all in university, we needed to save money when possible. The apartment we lived inside of was certainly nothing special. We didn’t possess much space, and we didn’t care to spend any funds on anything fancy. However, now that I am moving out of the apartment and starting a new full-time job, I want to get a nice place. As I discover a new place, my biggest concern is being sure there is air conditioning available. In this first college apartment, we lived off of window air conditioner units. The house was rundown, but it had plenty of space. Air rarely traveled far enough to change the temperatures inside of the house. The next year we moved into a much smaller apartment that had a central air HVAC system. However, we were not able to control the HVAC unit, and it was so incredibly old that it seemed it needed to be replaced soon. We ended up running fans all of the time and wondering if the A/C would ever kick on. This time around, I feel it’s especially important that there is a new HVAC unit installed inside of my home. I sleep better when my room is nice and cool, and I have to be well rested and focused for my job. I will not settle for a living situation in which I can’t feel perfectly comfortable inside of my home. The best part about obtaining a job and finding my primary home is that I am in command of decisions like this and can put in a new HVAC unit and not answer to a landlord.

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