My boyfriend loves the cooling unit

My girl Rachel and I are going to be heading down south in a week. Rachel is entirely happy and can’t wait to live with one another. Rachel is already picking out furniture, looking at local places to eat and already talking about the future. I am super upset about residing together. I just don’t see us living together entirely well as a pair. For a good reason, I am super independent and I prefer to be left alone. Rachel appreciates to spend every waking minute together. Now is that I prefer to go on long walks and exercise a lot. Rachel is not a fan of exercising and does not see it as a good idea, and lastly Rachel really appreciates her air conditioner. I hate going over to her house due to that big AC. Rachel always blasts the air conditioner when she is even sort of hot. I am consistently too chilly when I am in her locale. In the car she has all the windows cranked down and the A/C going. I never can take off my jacket when we go somewhere. I prefer that I think I can go back to my home and crank the gas furnace. If we live together, I can’t escape the air conditioning. Rachel will literally have A/C going all day long. I will always be frigid or she will consistently be too warm. I believe what we will have to do is get Heating and A/C zone control and rest up in separate rooms. Rachel and I each can have a ductless mini split air conditioner and heating device.