My bedroom window A/C

The people I was with in addition to myself just transport into a brand new home. It is undoubtedly newly-built, and very wonderful to live in. My wife in addition to myself saved our money for the last 4 years, to be able to buy a new house with our family in addition to the fact that none of us could be happier. Since the two of us move to the new house, the heating in addition to A/C system has struggled to keep us cool. It is often dark Outdoors, before the indoor temperature gets to the setting on the control unit. The very next morning, the new home is hot as well as on comfortable once again. My wifey in addition to myself noticed a pattern in addition to could not know what the two of us had found. The people I was with in addition to myself realize that as soon as we arrived home, everyone starts complaining about the Cool Breeze. Everyone except my son. He would always retire back to his bedroom. I followed him to his room last night, to find out that the A/C system works perfectly in his bedroom. It is actually a bit too cold in there as I found him lying under the covers with a book. I opened up the door to his bedroom in addition to stuff a fan to collect the cool air from the bedroom. I made an appointment with our local heating in addition to A/C supplier, in order to find out why my son has A/C when the rest of the house is warm in addition to humid.

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