My attic is cozy

This hot season I went to my parents house to start cleaning out the attic area before my father had an opportunity to start throwing things away. My dad had been telling us that all of us had to wipe out the attic. Dad was going to do a total wipeout plus trash anything all of us did not want. As usual, I waited until the last minute. I got there plus went into the attic ready to hunt things down. I was glad dad hadn’t started trashing anything yet. I was even more glad that Dad plus my brother decided to go away for the weekend! I got to spend a few minutes alone in the attic, all to myself. The only issue with this project was that the attic did not have any A/C. I was without A/C, in the warmest room of the house. What is not good is that the HVAC duct was in the attic too. I could literally see the HVAC ducts plus know that no AC was coming out of them. It was tempting to wreck the HVAC ducts. But, I wasn’t about to put this crew out of central air in the middle of the hot season! Sweaty, dusty plus semi hopeful, I had to take a break plus headed down to the rest of the house. The whole home A/C was super great. I loved getting cooling air plus also having temperature control. Since I was by myself, how high or low the AC was did not make a change at all. It was a nice end to a bad afternoon.

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