My apartment’s heater isn’t working

When the two of us graduated from middle school, the two of us were ready to be out on our own. The two of us had enjoyed our parents rules for long enough, as well as it was time for the two of us to find our own type of dwelling. The two of us search for many months, until we were able to find an apartment that the two of us could afford all on our own. The owner of the apartment building was pretty cool, as well as we talked to him upon renting the apartment. The landlord didn’t live in the same town, so we would not worry about him much. The two of us were really excited about our own apartment, until the weather started to get cold. When the winter season was nearly upon us, the two of us turned on our heating as well as air conditioning method. There was no warm heat coming from the heating as well as air conditioning vents, so I decided to send a message to our apartment manager. I told him that the heating as well as air conditioning system was not working properly, as well as we would need a service appointment scheduled. It took a while to hear back from the landlord, as well as he was surprised to hear about the problems with the heating as well as air conditioning system. He advised us to contact a heating as well as air conditioning professional on our own. He agreed to take those fees off of our very next month’s rental fees.

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