My air conditioner cools my home correctly

I have a goofy dog. She seems to think that she is the boss of everything. She is very skilled in letting me know when she becomes hungry or thirsty. When your lady wants food, she will paw at the food bowl until it slides halfway across the kitchen. When she’s thirsty, my silly dog will walk up to the sink and sit right in front of it, whining. She has even learned how to tell me when she’s too hot or too freezing! I think she would literally prefer it if she had fingers so she could control the thermostat on her own. In the wintertime, my dog is very capable of telling me when the furnace has heated our residence sufficiently. She will trot right over to where the thermostat is situated on our family room wall. Then she will stay, stare directly at the thermostat, and additionally whine. This is her manner of signalling that she is a great deal warm enough! Conversely, she can always seem to tell me when she desires more air conditioning. In the the summer season, when heat waves swamp your small home, she will walk right over to the nearest air vent and lay down right in front of it! Truth be told, sometimes she sleeps there, right in front of the mid-air vent. She will bark occasionally when air conditioner refuses to cool our home anymore. I then have to make certain she has plenty of ice cold water available. My dog may be fairly silly, but I certainly really do not want her to get heat stroke!

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