Messing with the fireplace

I have lived in a hot humid climate for the majority of my life. I dread the Summer months.  I  have always insisted that if given the choice, I would prefer to move to the northwestern section of the country. I was fortunate enough to be offered this opportunity not too long ago. I went to go stay with my Grandparents for the Winter holidays. When I initially arrived, I was welcomed by a cool breeze and a light dusting of snow. By the time we arrived at my Grandparent’s house, I was definitely a bit chilly and ready to inside their house.  I assumed I’d enjoy the rewards of their heating system, and feel warm and cozy. This was not at all the case. It seemed that the only heating method my Grandparents had was a fireplace for each room. I had no choice but to wait and shiver while waiting for my Grandpa to get the fire lit. Once I was ready for bed, my Grandpa showed me how to start a fire in the hearth in the bedroom. It seemed fairly easy.  I just needed to flip a switch to start the gas and then push a button to start the flame. The next morning, I woke up to a freezing cold house.  I was alone because my Grandparents went shopping for groceries. I flipped the switches for the fireplace, but they didn’t work. As the hours dragged on, the house became colder and colder.  I layered blankets over myself.  I repeatedly tried  to start the fireplace but had no luck.  When my Grandparents returned, they asked why I hadn’t started a fire. I explained my problem. My Grandpa walked over, flipped a switch and  got a fire going within seconds. After that experience, I was ready to go back home, where I don’t need any type of heating system.  I prefer my air conditioner and don’t plan to leave it again.

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